About us

Hello there!

We're three Highschool students who want to help improve the education system. In school, one of the main issues we found was that some students lack a basic understanding of maths and therefore can't further improve. Every new concept is not understandable, because it relies on a basis which doesn't exist. When we teach a new topic, we first ask a couple questions to make sure the students understood the basics needed for the new topic. Then, we go on to explain the new topic.

However, instead of simply explaining the new concept, we try to let the students discover it themselves, an approach called "Discovery Learning". (By the way, that's how we got our name!) Our physics high school teacher used this method a lot in his classroom, and it had a big impact. While the lessons were certainly a lot more fun, the "aha" moment we had when discovering the concept made it stick. Very few teachers use this method, so we created an opportunity for students to try it out.

Also, our method makes the concepts understandable for both students who need to repeat some content, but also for students who want to rush ahead. If you have any feedback or questions, feel free to use the contact button. Thanks!